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Store Features

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Features Summary


✔ Fully customizable online stores.
✔ Homepage, product categories, and product pages for a retail experience.
✔ Loaded with features like permissions, budgets, and user accounts.
✔ A variety of store levels and add-ons available to meet your needs.
✔ Perfect for providing a centralized corporate ordering location.


Feature Rich, Mobile Friendly & Unlimited Customization

Product Categories

Guide shoppers to right product with custom categories. Smart and organized.

Logo Management

With virtual logo capabilities, shoppers will be able to choose their logo and see how it will look on the product.

Sales Tax Integration

Calculate taxes in your store by using a custom rate or calculate state-by-state with the Zip Code Sales Tax add-on.

Shipping Integration

Integrations with UPS, USPS, FedEx & More. Or include a shipping base rate that can be added to each order at checkout.

Coupon Codes

Coupons provide a dollar or percentage discount for the entire order, product, or shipping.


Display all products with a customizable point value rather than dollar currency for reward and incentive programs.


Setting up a Budget is used for increased spending controls and will place a limit or a cap on spending for users/groups.

Manager Order Approvals

The Manager Order Approval System requires a manager to approve or deny an order before the shopper can checkout.

Beautiful Storefronts

Elevate your brand with our beautiful storefront themes that our design team will work with to create a stunning custom designed storefront that matches your brand.


Inventory Management

We keep track of the inventory on your store. Display the actual stock or a generic message on the storefront for the shopper. You get notification alerts when it’s time to restock the product.


User Experience & Permissions

We control what the shopper can and cannot see by setting permissions on the storefront, including access to categories, logos, payment methods, coupons, shipping methods, and addresses. 



Sales, Product, and Product Sales Reports come standard. We can also create custom reports that are very detailed. All reports are sent as an Excel file.