Terms & Conditions



Prices specified are subject to change in the event of increase in the Seller’s landed cost. The Purchaser is also responsible for all custom duties, excise taxes, and extra freight charges that may be incurred after initial shipping and may be billed separately at a later date.

Terms of Payment

All accounts are payable in US funds at the office of the Seller unless otherwise stated on the invoice. Payments on the account by the purchaser may, at the Seller’s discretion, be applied to the oldest unpaid items in order of original sale. At anytime, the seller believes that the financial responsibility of the Purchaser is impaired, the Seller reserves the right to cancel orders, discontinue shipments, require payment in advance, or otherwise secure a satisfactory guarantee that invoices will be paid promptly on the due date. All invoices are due in full accordance with the terms stated on the face of the invoice. In case of a default, the purchaser will be liable for collection costs and all legal fees incurred.


The Purchaser must notify the Seller within fourteen days of the invoice date of all freight discrepancies, damages, disputes, pricing adjustments and other claims regarding to the invoice for the claims to be considered valid. Otherwise, the Purchaser waives all right to dispute the aforementioned discrepancies. In the case of return goods, No returns will be accepted, or credited without the prior written approval of an authorized agent of the seller. The purchaser must clearly mark the issued Return Authorization Number on all shipping crates/boxes to be returned, or the Seller does not accept any responsibility to process improperly marked or unmarked returns.

Limitation on Warranties

Seller makes no warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, to the fitness for a particular purpose, quality, design, condition, capacity, suitability, merchant-ability or performance of goods sold or services thereto. In no event shall the seller be liable for consequential or incidental damages.


The invalidity of any part of this agreement does not affect the validity of enforcement of any other provision of this agreement


The clauses contained herein supersede and take precedence over any other clauses, terms, or conditions.


This invoice is a conditional acceptance by the seller of the buyer’s offer to purchase seller’s goods. It may contain terms, which differ from or add to those contained in the buyer’s purchase order. The buyers receipt and retention of the goods covered by this invoice shall constitute acceptance of any such additional or different terms.

Finance Charges

A late payment charge of 2.0% per month or the maximum amount allowed by law may be applied to past due invoices. Also, we will charge a $25 fee for checks returned for insufficient funds.


All goods are F.O.B. Factory


All artwork incurred will be billed at $50.00 per hour or a fraction thereof with a minimum of 15.00


Due to quality control, it is not always possible to imprint exact quantity ordered, it is understood that an overrun or under-run not to exceed ten percent is acceptable as fulfillment of this order.


All orders are considered firm and can only be canceled in writing prior to imprinting. Cost of dies, screens, digitizing, art, and proofs completed prior to cancellation will also be billed plus a 15% restocking fee on the products.

Production Time

All production times start after final design, art, and credit approval.


All proofs will be invoiced as well as any freight incurred unless otherwise specified.


All items are shipped bulk unless otherwise specified.


Effective January 1, 2013, all credits must be used within 12 months of issue date. Credits can be used against any open invoice, except a freight only invoice. Check refunds are available; however they must be requested in writing at least 2 weeks prior to the credit expiration date. Effective January 1, 2014, all unused credits older than 12 months will be void.