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A Successful Orientation = Happy, Engaged Students. 

First impressions count. It all begins with the experience your students have in the orientation virtually.



What Does The Virtual Orientation Process Look Like for You? 

In-person, it only takes seven seconds to make a first impression on another human being, according to a Harvard study of communication. In this virtual world, we believe that is even shorter.

In this world of virtual and remote, it is even hard to make a good first impression. Let's face it, college swag is synonymous with college life. It is a need, not a want for the freshmen to feel a part of the culture of your school.

Going Virtual Doesn't Have To Mean Going Without... Mobilize Your Merch With Adform.

Mobilize Your Merch

In this world where "virtual" and "remote" now apply to even the admissions process, it is not as simple as handing out the gear. Adform has perfected the logistics process to land the goods directly to your student's homes.


Choice Time

Give your new students the tools and let them take charge! Provide them an allowance and let them choose whatever motivates them the most!


Save Money

Consolidate the orientation to save on shipping cost by letting Adform combine your welcome pack and even course materials in with a students onboarding swag order


"Partnering with Adform is the best thing we ever did. Our freshmen are blown away by their orientation welcome packages. I dare say they are better than what we did int person!"

Happy Customer


The Platform

Make it easy

The platform brings it all together. An extension of your own online experience for the students. Modern, responsive design coupled with our state of the art backend logistics engine


The Products

Merch that speaks your culture

A selection made by you, for you, with our help! Merch that speaks your school culture and engages the student body. Think of that favorite hoodie that you still wear from your first day.


Give Yourself a High-Five!

Why? Because you're about to partner with the best team in the world on your new virtual orientation process!